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Life & Job Coaching

 What is Life & Job Coaching?
    BD10268_.GIF  Coaching can be defined as bringing  people from where they are to where they want to be in their lives and in their careers.
 How is coaching different from therapy?
Most therapies are about problems that people are having in their lives and with others.  Coaching is about resources, strengths and goals.  Conversations are not about diagnosis, or problems, but about the future, how you want that future to be (your goals), your potential and your strengths.
    Why would someone choose to see a life and job coach?
    BD10268_.GIF  People seek out coaches to help them make important decisions in their lives and in their careers.  Think of this as analagous to a sports coach. The job of the sports coach is to assess what are the athelete's strengths, potential, and (most important) the athlete's stated future goals.  The sports coach doesn't do the athlete's work but helps him or her to recognize his potential and then use that potential to reach his or her goals. The life and job coach likewise works with individuals to recognize their own resources and how they might use those resources to reach their goals.
   How does the coach do that?
    BD10268_.GIF  The tools of the coach are well formed questions that have been proven over time to be effective in helping individuals think about where they are and where they want to be in life and career.  The coach doesn't tell someone what they should do.  A skilled coach gets the individual to devise their own life or career plan.  The beginning is always a discussion about goals.  
 What do you mean by goals?
    BD10268_.GIF  Your goal is a statement of your preferred future (how you want things to be different and better in your life and/or career).  This goal is always the beginning discussion that coaches and individuals talk about together and forms the "compass" for all future discussions. The goal has 4  important characteristics
        1)  Important to you: it will make a difference in your life and/or career
        2) Possible and realistic.
        3) Measurable - how will we know in detail that you are accomplishing what you want to accomplish?
        4) Stated in positive terms - what you want to be different rather than what you don't want to be happening.
 All right, let's get down to the basics:  how much do you charge?
    BD10268_.GIF   I charge $350 for a maximum of 6 one-hour coaching sessions.  These can be done either in person if you live in the area or virtually using Google Meet if you are out of the area.  When those sessions are scheduled is determined by you and what you think would be the most useful.  In most cases, individuals find that monthly sessions work best.  This gives ample opportunity for you to work on your goals and then future sessions will be focused on what you are accomplishing.

Registration and payment for coaching can completed on-line.

 Will my insurance company pay for this?
    BD10268_.GIF  Insurance companies do not reimburse for coaching.  Full payment is expected prior to the first session and you are agreeing to a maximum of 6 sessions.  In many cases, if this is job related coaching, your employer may be willing to pay for the service either in full or in part.  It might be worth dicussing this with him or her.  It's best to think of this as an investment in your future.  
 How do I arrange for my first coaching session.
    BD10268_.GIF  Contact me either by phone: 845-778-7106  or via Contact Form





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